Welcome to Singapore Tiger Week 2019!

Ravishing India Holidays and Singapore Wildcat Action Group (SWAG) are excited to announce the launch of Singapore Tiger Week 2019, an event that celebrates tigers and raises awareness of tiger conservation among citizens and residents of Singapore.

Tigers used to roam abundantly in many Asian countries, including densely forested Singapore. Sadly, when the last wild tiger was shot on 26th October, 1930, in Choa Chu Kang, the iconic feline officially went extinct in our country. Deforestation, urbanization, and rampant hunting and poaching continue to decimate the population of the tiger: In the span of 30 years, the world lost three of the nine tiger subspecies. The current global population of wild tigers is estimated to be about 3,000 and the future of this beautiful animal remains fragile.

It is against this backdrop of urgency that we hope Singapore Tiger Week will bring together wildlife experts from around the world to exchange conservation ideas among each other and to inspire and empower the public of Singapore to lend a hand in preserving the tiger.

Singapore Tiger Week opens with a high-level panel discussion, which will serve as a platform for biologists, naturalists, veterinarians, forest department officials, and tiger conservationists to exchange ideas and share information on the best practices in tiger conservation and welfare.

Additionally, we have lined up an exciting week of activities and events that are open to the public. We hope to see you at the “Tigers of the World” symposium, where you can learn about all five tiger subspecies from tiger experts who have spent decades studying them. Two documentaries — Tigers of the Emerald Forests and The World’s Most Famous Tiger — will be screened at The Projector, where the producers will also be present for post-screening dialogue sessions with the audience.

Through Singapore Tiger Week 2019, we endeavor to bring about positive change among fellow citizens and residents of Singapore. We hope you will join us in taking these small steps together to make incremental impact on restoring the global tiger population and improving tiger welfare around the world.

Yours sincerely,

Felicia Tan
Ravishing India Holidays

Vilma D’Rozario
Singapore Wildcat Action Group (SWAG)

Carmen Pang
Singapore Wildcat Action Group (SWAG)