Ms Wulan Pusparini (Indonesia)

wulan pusparini .JPG

Ms Wulan began her conservation career almost 10 years ago through an undergraduate research project on Sumatran rhinoceros with the University of Indonesia in 2005-2006. Since then, she has been involved in many conservation endeavours. Most of her work focuses on mammal conservation using statistical models such as species distribution modelling, population estimate, occupancy modelling, and multivariate statistics. She has also been largely involved in large-mammal conservation (Sumatran rhinoceros, Sumatran tiger, and Asian Elephant) through her professional work with the Wildlife Conservation Society.

Her main geographical work is located in Sumatra. She has contributed greatly with regards to mammal conservation efforts through conducting field research on mammal populations, increasing government-NGO partnership capacities by providing various training opportunities in population estimation scientific methods, conflict-mitigation schemes, as well as formulating action strategies on tiger and rhino conservations through collaboration with the Indonesian Government, and national and local conservation NGOs.