Dr Raghu Chundawat (India)

Singapore Tiger Week - Raghu Chundawat Photo 2.jpg

Dr Raghu Chundawat started his career as a conservation biologist, with a focus on researching snow leopards in Ladakh for more than thirty years. Later, he worked as the Regional Science & Conservation Director for the International Snow Leopard Trust. Dr R Chundawat was also a member of the teaching faculty of the Wildlife Institute of India. Through his involvements, he works very closely with projects involved in tiger conservation and research. Harping on his experience with tiger conservation, Dr R Chundawat published a book based on his ten-year study titled - “The Rise and Fall of The Emerald Tigers”.

In the past eight years, he has been active connoisseur in wildlife tourism research. Currently, Dr R Chundawat & his wife, Joanna Van Gruisen, run a small lodge The Sarai At Toria that is located close to a World Heritage site - Khajuraho & Panna Tiger Reserve. The Sarai at Toria & its sister conservation organisation, Bagh Aap Aur Van (BAAVAN), are closely involved in creating tiger-friendly communities in the neighbourhood of the Panna Tiger Reserve.

Dr Raghu Chundawat is the recipient of several conservation awards. In 2003, BBC/Animal Planet notably produced an award-winning wildlife documentary film on his work with the Tigers in Panna – “Tigers of the Emerald Forest”.