Dr Ghazala Shahabuddin (India)

Singapore Tiger Week - Dr Ghazala Shahabuddin Photo 1.jpg

Dr Ghazala Shahabuddin (PhD, Duke University, 1998) is an ecologist & author, researching community-based conservation, ornithology, land use change & protected area management in India. She has also undertaken field research on human impacts in two tiger reserves: Sariska (Rajasthan) & Corbett (Uttarakhand).

Her acclaimed book ‘Conservation at the Crossroads: Science, Society & the Future of India’s Wildlife’ (Permanent Black, 2010) critically examines contemporary wildlife policy in India. She has also worked as a consultant on tiger conservation with the Global Tiger Initiative & IUCN for extended periods. She is currently affiliated as a Senior Scientist with Centre for Ecology, Development & Research (CEDAR) working on bird diversity, forest institutions & land use change in multiple use oak-pine forests of the Western Himalayas.