Dr Anak Pattanavibooi (Thailand)


Anak Pattanavibool has engaged in wildlife conservation and research in Thailand for over 30 years. After receiving a B.Sc. in Wildlife Management from Kasetsart University, he worked as a park ranger in wildlife sanctuaries in Southern and Northern Thailand. He later received an M.Sc. in Wildlife Science from Oregon State University in 1993 and Ph.D in BioGeography from University of Victoria, Canada, in 1999.

He led field teams, with the aim to promote wildlife-based approaches for ecosystem management in the Western Forest Complex (WEFCOM) during 2000-03. He joined WCS in 2004 as a Thailand Country Program Director, working to promote SMART patrol systems to save endangered wildlife, with a particular focus on tigers and its prey. During 2013-16, he took a full time position as a lecturer at various institutions such as the Department of Conservation, Faculty of Forestry, and Kasetsart University. Through his lectures, Dr A Pattanavibool focused on teaching and training the next generations of wildlife and national park managers for Thailand and conducted research on wildlife and ecosystem restoration in protected areas.

Currently, he is working full time as Director of WCS, Thailand. He also served as a member of national-level boards including National Environmental Board, Wildlife Conservation Board, National Park Board, and as an advisor to the Director General of Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation.