About 3,000 individuals left living in the wild

The tiger (Panthera tigris) is classified as “endangered” in the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species. Its historical range has dwindled by 93 percent and its distribution is severely fragmented. As its population continues to shrink, the time is now to step up our efforts to protect this iconic feline from going extinct.


Bringing experts together, raising public awareness

Singapore Tiger Week is jointly organized by Ravishing India Holidays (RIH) and Singapore Wildcat Action Group (SWAG) to raise awareness of tiger conservation among citizens and residents of Singapore, while serving a long-term goal of safeguarding the lives and habitats of tigers in the wild.

Throughout the week, experts from around the world will be in Singapore to share with the public key aspects of tiger conservation. A number of awareness-building activities are planned for audiences and participants of all age groups.


Public Events


Tigers of the world Lecture

14 July 2019

This public lecture is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about five extant tiger subspecies and what threats they are facing. As a bonus, a screening of "Tigers of the Emerald Forest" will be attended by Dr. Raghu Chundawat, who spent years studying his beloved tigers in Panna National Park in India. Presenting not just his research, his documentary provides an exclusive insider’s account of the politics and administrative apathy plaguing Indian wildlife conservation. A Q&A session with Dr. Chundawat follows the screening.


machli, queen of ranthambore

15 July 2019

Directed by Mr. S. Nallamuthu, “The World’s Most Famous Tiger” captures the last nine years of Machli’s life in Ranthambore National Park in India. Known for her success in defending her large territory, Queen Machli lived to 19 years old and gave birth to nine cubs, an astonishing feat among big cats living in the wild. Having followed and photographed Machli for many years, this documentary is a loving final tribute by Mr. Nallamuthu to the Bengal tigress who has captured the imagination of tiger lovers around the world.


cat wALK in THE malaysian jungle

19 - 21 July 2019

The tiger population in the Malaysian jungle is not facing threats from cracking bullets but from deadly snares. Trapped animals suffer horribly as snares can be left unchecked for days on end. Poachers, driven by the trade for illegal wildlife products, use snares to indiscriminately trap all kinds of wildlife, including tigers and their prey. Join Vilma and Carmen, co-founders of SWAG, as they head into the Malaysian jungle to support the Malaysian Conservation Alliance for Tigers (MYCAT) and take citizen action to protect the Malayan tiger by helping to set up and check for camera traps and to spot and remove illegal snares.


Other Engagements



Presented as a panel discussion among experts, this event gathers tiger researchers and biologists at the Singapore Botanic Gardens to share and exchange ideas on the best practices in tiger conservation. The two topics for discussion are: People as a Liability or a Resource in Tiger Conservation and Saving the Tiger from Poaching. Invited guests will include experts and key position holders from wildlife organizations and nature groups, as well as national parks officials.


School Visits and Outreach Talks by RIH - Ranthambore Naturalist

To raise awareness among the young people of Singapore, Ravishing India Holidays will visit several schools to talk to students about the importance of tiger conservation. Through these talks, we hope to inspire the next generation to be proactive in wildlife conservation.


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